Wally, Seal & Baby Seal

Designer: Chresten Sommer

With Female Seal, Baby Seal & Wally, you have collected our entire Arctic family.

The three figures look incredibly cute next to each other and are guaranteed to spread joy in your home.

Baby Seal, Female Seal & Wally are all designed by Chresten Sommer.

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Collect the whole family from the icy north

Have you met our Arctic family? It consists of Wally the walrus and the two seals, Female Seal and Baby Seal.

Here we’ve brought the three family members together so you can have them all at home.

These three characters go together well, and with their distinctive features, the members of your own household will quickly find one they can relate to.

A cute decoration that pays tribute to the family unit.

A wonderful animal family from Chresten Sommer

Chresten Sommer has designed a number of our most popular designs.

He is known for his wooden figures depicting animals - perhaps you’ve already met Happy and Lucky?

They all have their own family, and now you can also collect this little family from the cold north.

All figures are made of oak. With Wally, the wood has been stained to give him a darker colour. Wally's tusks are made of ash.

Wally, Seal & Baby Seal
Wally, Seal & Baby Seal

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