In the early design and production stage we concentrate on how to create well-crated interior products that last for generations to come, whenever the design solutions are made for home, work or hospitality.

We have an in-house design development team and work with designers externally. It means that we can follow and shape the design and product development processes all the way from initial idea to the final product.

When introducing new design solutions to the market, our team always challenges the ways of production and the use of materials. It means that we always try to create the best possible product, produced in the most responsible way.

We treasure wood and wood is a big part of many of our designs. An important step towards a more sustainable design industry is to support responsible wood sourcing and forest management.

The majority of the wood used in our designs come from American and European forests.

Spring Copenhagen is FSC® certified (fsc-c132484.) FSC® – or Forest Stewardship Council® - is the worlds most trusted and widely supported non-profit certification system for responsibly sourced wood and paper products, ensuring that forests, animals and people are cared for. Our goal is that the majority of our products shall be made in FSC® certified wood and the majority of packaging shall be made from FSC® certified paper.

We adhere to the EU’s timber regulation from 2013. This means that we perform due diligences on all products covered by the EUTR, to ensure that the wood comes from legal sources.

We are committed to internationally agreed core principles for sustainable development, such as human rights; including labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

All our partners work closely with Spring Copenhagen and will be committed to participate in a joint commerce agreement, which among others meet the principles and guidelines made by the un.

At Spring Copenhagen we are committed to take green initiatives and work with NGO’s to make a dfference locally. We are planting trees locally together with plant et træ (Plant et Træ) and support Red Barnet (Save The Children Denmark), WWF, and the Danish Cancer Society with donations.