Vague, dusty orange


Vague, light grey


Ballet, table lamp


Diplo, dark-stained oak


Hanging Happy


Hanging Lucky


Office with personality

Good light is essential when you work - and your lighting needs are safe in the hands of architect Poul Christiansen. He designed the Ballet lamp, which is available as both a pendant lamp and a table lamp. The elegant, almost skirt-like shade of white slats gives the Ballet a light and elegant look that lets the light seep through.

How about some extra storage for your office space? Diplo is a beautiful box designed by studiobaki. It is split in two by a zigzag line that adds a quirky contrast to its otherwise square design. The interior is ideal for storing loose office supplies and notes - or whatever else you need to keep handy.

If you want to add a little extra personality to your office space, we also have plenty of delightful figures to decorate your desk with. How about having one of the fun and cheerful Spring Emotions® on display? A motivational decoration to look at while you work.

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