Svungen Top


Satellite Mirror, Ø24


Mirror Box


Formel wall lamp (black)


Formel wall lamp (white)


Satellite Mirror, Ø16


Spring Snowball, Ø11


The Heart Bowl


Hanging Happy


Hanging Lucky


Svungen Top (small)


Svungen Top (light blue)


Design for the bedroom

If you’re looking for a lamp either for the ceiling or the bedside table, we have several great designs to show you. How about our Poul Christiansen's Ballet, which is available as both a pendant and a table lamp? The design is incredibly elegant. The lampshade itself consists of a series of white slats that intertwine, giving the design a light, floaty look - just like a ballet skirt.

The bedroom often doubles as a dressing room - and when you need to get ready, a decent mirror is a must. Christoffer Skjøtt has designed the Satellite Mirror - a beautiful and elegant small mirror that you can easily move around.

If you need a comfortable piece of furniture, then Uno Ora is a great choice. Uno Ora serves both as a table and a comfy seat when you need to get ready for the day or night.

See all our lovely designs for the bedroom on this page.

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