Svungen Top


Diplo, dark-stained oak


The Food Bowl


Colosseum Square


Colosseum Amfi


Satellite Mirror, Ø24


Mirror Box


Apollo (mirror)


Apollo (black)


Ballet, pendant


Ballet, table lamp


Mini Mr. Pepper

€35 €50

Mini Mrs. Salt

€35 €50

Mr. Pepper


Mrs. Salt


Satellite Mirror, Ø16


Spring Snowball, Ø11


Svungen Top (small)


Svungen Top (light blue)


Viva (large)


Viva (small)


Atmosphere for your guests

A wonderful decoration that is full of understated elegance is the Diplo. The box was designed by the Danish-Greek architect Baki Katsinis. His idea was to create a dynamic box.

The box is split in two by a zigzag line that brings life to the design. It can be used both as a box, such as for napkins, but it can also be divided in two and function as two decorative trays.

If it's lighting you're after, then we have several great options. As a cosy light on the table or in the window sill, we can recommend you to take a closer look at the Spring Snowball.

The lamp is designed by duo mencke&vagnby, and the reason for its name is obvious when you see the lamp: It looks just like a glittery snowball, and brings a soft light to its surroundings.

We also have lovely designs for the table, not least mencke&vagnby's fine salt and pepper sets: Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt. A very simple design with a clear purpose. Turn the figures upside down to grind. This will prevent loose sprinkles from the grinder from ending up on the table.

Create an ambiance that visitors will feel comfortable in with one of our many fine designs.

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