The Monkey Bowl


The Table Flag (Danish)


The Table Flag (Norwegian)


Mirror Box


Spring Snowball, Ø11


The Heart Bowl


The Snowman


The Christmas Tree


There’s always space for a piggy bank

Maybe your child isn’t quite old enough to have a dog yet, but there’s always room for a Tinder Dog. This quirky piggy bank is inspired by the Tinderbox fairy tale by H. C. Andersen about three dogs who guard precious coins deep down in a hollow tree. And even though Tinder Dog looks cute, he will look after your child's savings.

See also our fun and lively Spring Emotions®. These expressive characters are inspired by the famous emojis. In the hands of design duo mencke&vagnby, they have become a series of wooden figures that are fun and cute to look at. There are many different ones in the series, with new ones constantly being added. Beautiful figures that your child can collect and use as decoration for their room.

Spring Snowball is a great choice if you need more light in the room. The lamp has a rechargeable battery, which frees up wires and means you can easily move it around once it is charged.

As the name suggests, with its vaulted glass Spring Snowball actually looks like a snowball. The lamp provides a soft and pleasant light and therefore works well as a nightlight or security light in the room.

Brighten up the children's room with one of our beautiful and timeless designs.

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