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The Pepper Bird (Walnut)


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Mini Mr. Pepper

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Mini Mrs. Salt

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Mr. Pepper


Mrs. Salt




Viva (large)


Viva (small)


Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin


Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt


An adjustment at the table

Even if the chef has made an effort, the taste may need a final adjustment. That’s when you need some freshly ground salt and pepper on the table, to add as you please.

We have several functional and decorative salt and pepper grinders. We’d like to draw your attention to Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt from mencke&vagnby. These two fine figures are made in a simple design that looks almost as though it has been cast as one piece. The smart thing about these grinders is that you turn them upside down to grind. This avoids leftover salt and pepper on the table after you have ground it.

A trivet is another indispensable item for the table. It is often overlooked because it is usually hidden under something when in use.

But our trivets don’t have to be hidden away to spread joy. This applies to Nis Hauge's fun and adventurous trivets: Klods-Hans. The lovely wooden figure consists of a series of joints that you can twist and turn.

It provides great entertainment for children and guests while they wait for the food to be served.

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