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A beautiful bathroom

A mirror is almost a must-have in the bathroom. This page features our Satellite Mirror - a beautiful, circular mirror that is light in both design and weight. Perfect for when you do your hair or put on makeup - and it’s also easy to move around when the bathroom gets too crowded!

Check out the Mirror Box, which is both a mirror and a compartmentalised box for jewellery and small items. A decorative accessory when open, and easy to close so that it takes up almost no room.

A good towel hook is essential. Our range includes Skolekrogen by Nis Hauge. The inspiration for the design comes from the hooks that Nis Hauge remembers from his school days. The result is a durable design that is beautiful in all its simplicity - and the perfect place to hang your towels.

If you want to spice up your interior with decorative design, then we would suggest you take a closer look at Spaltekanden. This beautiful jug was created by the world-famous Danish ceramicist Eva Stæhr-Nielsen, and with its white glaze and elegant shape, it adds a discreet beauty to any room.

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