Vase (Brown)


The Food Bowl


The Teapot


Svungen Top




Svungen Top (small)


Svungen Top (light blue)


Works with a timeless quality

Eva Stæhr-Nielsen's ceramics are known for their simple appearance, which gives the works a timeless quality. This means they also fit beautifully into contemporary homes that want to elevate their interior with a piece of ceramic.

One of her most popular designs is the Spaltekanden. A beautifully shaped jug where the spout and the handle emerge from the same mould. It can of course be used as a jug, but the opening is also wide enough to make it suitable as a tall vase, and the shape is so striking that it works as a decorative sculpture in its own right. We have made Spaltekanden in two sizes and in a stunning white glaze.

Our selection also includes the Teapot. A beautiful, round ceramic with a woven handle that makes pouring yourself a cup of tea a real pleasure.

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