The Swan, white

Designer: Jimmy Kessler

The Swan is a beautiful portrait of the graceful bird.

Its elegance is perfectly reflected in Jimmy Kessler's design, where the fine details give the figure a lifelike appearance.

The Swan is made of painted ash, and the knob on the beak is made of smoked oak.

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From fairytale to ballet

The swan is a well-known symbol in mythology and has inspired artists for many centuries.

From the ballet Swan Lake to H. C. Andersen's fairy tale The Ugly Duckling, the swan has appeared as a symbol of poetry and beauty.

And it’s easy to be captivated by this bird as it glides majestically across the water’s surface with its tall, slender neck.

Now designer Jimmy Kessler has created his own interpretation of this special bird, and he has managed to capture all the majestic elegance of a real swan.

The Swan enriches your decor

The Swan is a decorative figure for your home and has fine, simple details. You’ll love turning the neck slightly and looking at its pretty head from several angles.

Place it on your windowsill or shelf, where it can bring extra beauty to your day.

The Swan is also a beautiful symbol of everlasting love, as swan couples often stay together for life. This makes the Swan an obvious wedding gift.

This product is manufactured in FSC®-certified ash, smoked oak and beech. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 389 g

Width: 8 cm

Length: 21 cm

Height: 19 cm

Materials: FSC Ash

Other materials: FSC Smoked Oak, FSC Beech & PU paint EN71 part 3

The Swan, white
The Swan, white

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