Spring Snowball, Ø15

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Spring Snowball is a really smart, rechargeable lamp that spreads a cosy light in the dark and is therefore ideal for the children's room, the conservatory and the bedroom. In fact the options of where to use this cosy lamp are endless!

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Spring Snowball - a cosy light in the dark

This rechargeable, timeless and simple table lamp in mouth-blown glass is the essence of Scandinavian hygge. This cosy light from Spring Snowball is an ideal night light for the children's room when the little ones need a little light in the dark. It provides a warm light in the dark and cosy winter months - and can even be used outside when darkness falls on otherwise bright summer nights. Spring Snowball spreads a cosy atmosphere from its place in the dark.

Spring Snowball is easy to charge

Spring Snowball gets its energy from a rechargeable battery that you can charge with a standard mobile charger. When the battery is low on power, the light turns a dim red. When the table lamp's battery is recharged, the lamp turns a dim green - which means it’s ready to remove from the charger. The bottom of the lamp is made of oak, and the glass ball itself is made of opal glass The smart design has a charging time of 3-6 hours and can light up for 10 hours on one charge.

Weight: 565 g

Height: 13 cm

Diameter: 15 cm

Materials: Mouth Blown Glass

Other materials: Beech

Spring Snowball, Ø15
Spring Snowball, Ø15

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