Designer: Chresten Sommer

Joey is the cutest little koala who is guaranteed to make your home decor even cosier. An exotic animal from the southern hemisphere recreated in a Scandinavian design in excellent quality. Joey is designed by Chresten Sommer and is made of oak and ash.

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Joey is a lovely baby koala

There is nothing in this world as cute as baby animals.

Koala Joey is a cute little koala bear that decorates your living room or a children’s room.

’Joey’ is a word derived from one of Australia’s indigenous languages and it means “little animal”. The name is used about all cubs of marsupials and therefore also about the cubs of koala bears.

Joey looks extremely lifelike

Joey is a cute little wooden figure that looks extremely lifelike with its mild and happy expression. The heard, the ears, and the arms can move, so your little Koala Joey can stand in the position you want.

Joey is yet another little wooden marvel from mencke&vagnby and it complements the design duo's portfolio of beautiful design in good materials.

It makes sense to pair this cute little cub with the big koala, Koala Female, but it can also easily stand alone.

Weight: 41 g

Width: 5 cm

Length: 5 cm

Height: 8 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC maple, plastic


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