Formel pendant Ø40 (black)

Designer: Hans Due

We have relaunched Hans Due's Formel series of lamps so that it has a place in the modern home.

The Formel pendant provides good amount of light, and with its simple design is a stylish lamp for your interior decor.

Here is the beautiful pendant with a diameter of 40 cm.

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Formula for light

"Keep it simple" was Hans Due's motto, and his Formel series definitely lived up to this motto.

The shape of the lamp has been kept simple with the cone of the shade elegantly feeding into the cylinder at the top. The painted aluminium surface with the matte finish rounds off Formel's calm and balanced appearance.

The lampshade’s smooth surface is easy to wipe clean.

The lamp provides a great light in the hallway, over a desk or dining table. For a softer light, use a top mirror bulb or other bulb with a dimmed glow.

Choose from several sizes

We have recreated the Formel series lamps in several versions and sizes. This allows you to choose the exact lamp that suits your needs.

The pendant here is also available in a smaller version, Ø26, and a larger version, Ø50, and in the colours white, forest green and black.

Weight: 800 g

Height: 23 cm

Diameter: 40 cm

Maintenance: Wipe the surface of the shade with a dry cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools such as stiff brushes or stiff cloths. Never use strong cleaning agents such as white spirit, turpentine, household glass cleaner or cellulose thinners.

Materials: Aluminium

Other materials: Powdercoating, textile

Formel pendant Ø40 (black)
Formel pendant Ø40 (black)

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