Vague, light grey

Designer: Spring Copenhagen

Vague is a simple and stylish design ideal for storing small items.

It is both functional and decorative. Place Vague on your desk and let the beautiful design brighten up your decor.

The holder is made of aluminium, which brings a rustic element to your interior decor. Vague is available in several colours.

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Vague is inspired by the waves of the sea

Vague is named after the waves of the sea, which are also the inspiration for the design.

The modern design brings to mind the waves of the sea as they curl and break over the sand. The organic shapes are the core of a potential design classic that will fit into any home.

It is suitable for storing pens, erasers and other small items.

Storage for your desk

The holder is shaped like waves of various sizes with soft lines. It is therefore ideal for storing smaller items and helps you keep them in order.

The organic design is easy to move around, so you can place it exactly where you want to get the most out of it.

Decorate your desk with this smart design, while creating structure and order on your table. Vague is made of aluminium.

Weight: 327 g

Width: 11 cm

Length: 23 cm

Height: 5 cm

Maintenance: Clean Vague with a dry, soft cloth. The use of cleaning agents and abrasives can cause permanent damage to the product.

Materials: Aluminium

Other materials: N/A

Vague, light grey
Vague, light grey

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