Designer: Chresten Sommer

Tembo is the largest in our herd of elephants, which also includes Ollie and Ella.

The decorative wooden figurine will be a real eye-catcher in your home, regardless of where you place him.

Give your home decor a fresh boost with this large figurine, which will make a stunning addition to the hallway or a corner of the living room.

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Tembo is a majestic figurine

The elephant is known for its majestic and enchanting appearance, and Chresten Sommer has approached the animal's unique expression with his own interpretation.

Chresten Sommer has created a large version of this fantastic animal, adding plenty of lifelike details, which you can now admire up close.

Enjoy the many fine details when Tembo moves into your home and takes up a spot in your hallway or living room.

Almost like a real elephant

The decorative figurine is full of beautiful details, and you can almost imagine him tramping along with the rest of his herd.

Fortunately, however, Tembo is standing still, so you can safely let this elephant into your home without fearing he will knock your decor over.

This product is made of FSC®-certified oak and maple. Explore all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 5900 g

Width: 33 cm

Length: 50 cm

Height: 41 cm

Maintenance: Tembo is not a toy and is not to be used by children. It is a unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC Maple, plastic


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