Silhouettes (green)

Designer: Charlotte Høncke

Silhouettes is a decorative candle holder that spreads a pleasant light in your home.

The elegant design is shaped with a curved back wall that turns up the cosiness factor when the candle is lit.

Silhouettes is made of powder-coated steel and painted in a soft green colour.

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Spread warmth and Danish hygge with Silhouettes

Early mornings, rainy afternoons or endless summer nights call for some Danish hygge and being in the moment. Whether you’re having a quiet moment to yourself or with those you care about, Danish hygge is almost inextricably linked with candlelight. There is something about the calm, warm flame that soothes the soul and makes your shoulders drop a couple of inches.

Silhouettes is the perfect candle holder for just those moments. Light a tealight and see how the shadow of the flame plays on the back wall, giving the design a beautiful play of light.

A colourful decoration

Silhouettes comes in a subtle green colour and is a calming eye-catcher in your interior.

You could also combine several Silhouettes for a unique touch, and watch the light flicker and dance against their back wall.

The candle holder is designed by Charlotte Høncke, who also designed the Åkanden candle holder.

Weight: 165 g

Width: 9 cm

Length: 6 cm

Height: 14 cm

Materials: Steel

Other materials: N/A

Silhouettes (green)
Silhouettes (green)

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