Remarkable Red

Designer: Chresten Sommer

A rose wouldn’t be a symbol of love without its bold red colour now would it?

Red is the colour of passion, and also of this cute little bird here.

Remarkable Red loves life as much as her little body will let her, and she spreads her passionate birdsong wherever she flies.

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How much emotion can one bird take?

From her first chirpy greeting of the day to her loving nighttime lullaby, this bird just keeps on going. Because behind her tiny chest beats a heart bursting with passion, making her blood flow so fast that all her little feathers are bright red.

Remarkable Red makes everything around her stand out. This little bird feels the pulse of life right down to the tips of her tail feathers. Sometimes all this emotion can be a little overwhelming for such a small body.

But what can you do when you feel all of life’s emotions so deeply, and absorb every little detail of your day?

Remarkable Red is for those who don’t want to waste a single second of their life, and live their days to the fullest.

A series of spring birds

Spring Birds is a series of colourful birds landing this February 2024. Where other birds prefer to wait for warmer temperatures before returning to Nordic skies, our Spring Birds are flying straight into our winter to bring colour to our grey days.

Each little bird is dressed in its favourite colour, and you have a total of 9 beautiful colours to choose from. You can even create your very own unique bird by mixing and matching heads, wings and bodies. What unique species will you create?

This product is made from FSC®-certified beech. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 31 g

Width: 4 cm

Length: 5 cm

Height: 7 cm

Materials: FSC Beech

Other materials: Plastic

Remarkable Red
Remarkable Red

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