Laine (cylindrical vase)

Designer: Samuli Helavuo

Laine is a cylinder-shaped vase that gives your interior a decorative touch.

The vase has a height of 25 cm, so it can easily hold a long-stemmed bouquet in a nice and straight display.

Place Laine on the dining table, coffee table, on the windowsill or on a shelf, where the vase will beautifully offset the home's flowers.

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Laine is an elegant home accessory

Laine is made of clear glass, broken only by the circular grooves across the vase. The grooves bring a nice play to the design, and make you think of water circles.

With its height of 25 cm, the vase is ideal for seasonal flowers, branches or cones. The vase is particularly suitable for full flowers with long stems that can spread beyond the top of the vase.

Fill the vase with a colourful bouquet to brighten up your interior and come home to the scent of freshly cut flowers.

The vase that suits any interior style

The vase was designed by Finnish designer Samuli Helavuo, who has crafted yet another timeless design for our range of living products - one you can enjoy for many years to come.

Thanks to its simple design, Laine will look beautiful in any style of interior, while adding a touch of Scandinavian elegance and minimalism to your decor.

The Laine series also includes a spherical and oval version.

Weight: 735 g

Height: 25 cm

Diameter: 13 cm

Maintenance: Clean Laine with a soft cloth wrung out in lukewarm soapy water, and then wipe the product with a soft, dry cloth. Use of cleaning agents and abrasives may cause permanent damage to the product.

Materials: Mouth Blown Glass

Other materials: N/A

Laine (cylindrical vase)
Laine (cylindrical vase)

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