Graduate Girl red, Good Luck Troll, 9 cm

Designer: Thomas Dam

The Graduate is a charming Good Luck Troll that symbolises the milestones and successes of youth.

This Good Luck Troll is ready to celebrate a special achievement.

A wonderful gift idea for the recent graduate to mark the end of many years of education.

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The Graduate marks an important milestone

This cute Graduate is wearing a red graduation cap, which is not only a symbol of the successes of youth, but also of the dreams that come with it.

The Graduate is a living reminder of the milestone that the hard-working graduate has reached after many years of studying. With her bright smile, she reminds us of the importance of celebrating these special moments.

With a red rose in one hand, a flag in the other and a red graduation cap on her head, this happy Graduate is grinning from ear to ear. This new Graduate deserves a big celebration!

Weight: 210 g

Height: 9 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

Graduate Girl red, Good Luck Troll, 9 cm
Graduate Girl red, Good Luck Troll, 9 cm

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