Good Luck Troll (light grey, 9 cm)

Designer: Thomas Dam

With his light grey colour and his modest height of 9 cm, this Good Luck Troll is a modern twist on the classic troll.

This little friend just wants to reach out and hug you, and give you all the good luck he believes you deserve.

The little troll is ready to spread joy and good luck in your home.

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This Good Luck Troll is a nostalgic figurine in a contemporary light grey

With his light grey body and black hair, this Good Luck Troll is a lucky charm that has been resurrected from the past with a modern twist. He is just 9 cm tall and can’t wait to be a part of your life.

These trolls have been a symbol of good luck and happiness for many years. And this little friend is no exception: He is eagerly waiting to share his adventures with you.

With each new owner, begins a journey paved with luck and happiness. Let the troll lead you into a world where magic meets reality and where every moment is a step towards greater happiness.

Good Luck Trolls: From toy to design object

Thomas Dam created the first Good Luck Troll in 1957 from his home in the small town of Gjøl by the Limfjord. The first figurine was supposed to be a self-portrait, which he carved as a gift for his daughter. However, Thomas thought the figurine looked more like a troll - and that's how the Good Luck Troll came to be.

The charming Good Luck Troll have been much loved in homes around the world ever since. And from being toys, they have now become design objects sought-after by collectors.

The Good Luck Troll have gradually grown into a large family, with each member having its own unique character. However, all the trolls share one and the same mission: With their open arms and wide smiles, they want to spread their joy and hugs to all around them.

Weight: 210 g

Height: 9 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

Good Luck Troll (light grey, 9 cm)
Good Luck Troll (light grey, 9 cm)

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