Good Luck Troll (bronze, 9 cm)

Designer: Thomas Dam

With his bronze-coloured body and black hair, this Good Luck Troll is a resurrected design icon ready to spread even more joy.

This Good Luck Troll has travelled far and wide and captured many people’s hearts.

Every smile from the Good Luck Troll comes from Thomas Dam's original desire to spread joy and good fortune to all.

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This Good Luck Troll is a 9-cm tall good luck charm in bronze

The Good Luck Troll has been resurrected as a design icon, now in a beautiful bronze colour.

Every smile from the troll is a reminder of Thomas Dam's original vision: to spread joy everywhere he goes. With his rich history and unique appearance, this Good Luck Troll is a symbol of hope and joy for collectors and new admirers alike.

He is an enduring symbol of happiness that continues to inspire people all over the world. The 9-cm tall troll with bronze & black hair is a piece of cultural heritage that unites multiple generations.

Weight: 210 g

Height: 9 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

Good Luck Troll (bronze, 9 cm)
Good Luck Troll (bronze, 9 cm)

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