Good Luck Troll (brass, 15 cm)

Designer: Thomas Dam

With his beautiful brass-coloured skin and black hair, this Good Luck Troll is 15 cm of pure joy.

This troll has left the toy box to become a genuine design icon that now gets pride of place on the book shelf.

His charm has got him far - all over the world in fact, and he continues to spread the joy even today.

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This Good Luck Troll is bold as brass

This Good Luck Troll in brass is a symbol of love and good fortune. What began as a simple toy is now a Danish icon, stirring happy memories for many.

This 15-cm tall figurine is more than just a nostalgic nod to the past; it’s a mood booster like no other, and is as relevant today as it was back in 1957, when it was born.

The Good Luck Troll is a symbol of timeless charm and endless joy. His brass-coloured body and black hair make him an eye-catching design in your home.

Weight: 450 g

Height: 15 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

Good Luck Troll (brass, 15 cm)
Good Luck Troll (brass, 15 cm)

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