Gemini (man)

Designer: Christel Marrot

Gemini is a figurine from the Christel series that captures the essence of strength and mystery.

The figurine reflects the dynamic nature of Gemini.

Gemini was created by Christel Marott and unites the artist's signature style with the grace of the zodiac sign.

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Gemini is inquisitive and friendly by nature

Gemini is an impressive figurine that radiates both strength and an inexplicable charm. This zodiac sign is known for its inquisitive and friendly personality.

The figurine is a work of art, where every curve and line is testament to Gemini’s dynamic nature. Artistic finesse meets astrological symbolism, making this figurine truly unique.

Gemini invites us to embrace a world of mystery and elegance. A wonderful gift for the Gemini in your life, or a decorative memento of your origins.

Christel is a heavenly collection of zodiac signs

The zodiac series by Christel brings the magic of the zodiac to life through elegant and expressive figurines. Each figurine was crafted by Danish artist Christel Marott and reflects strength, grace and a little touch of mystery.

These twelve figurines are not just decorative accessories – they are a mirror of the character traits that each zodiac sign represents. Each figurine is crafted in Christel's distinctively gentle shapes, which were partly inspired by mannequins.

The Christel series gives you a little piece of heaven for your home. These polyresin figurines bring art and astrology together in a way that both looks beautiful in the home and makes you think of the starry night sky.

Weight: 760 g

Height: 25 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: N/A

Gemini (man)
Gemini (man)

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