Curves (candle holders)

Designer: Thor Høy

Curves is a set of two candle holders with beautiful, curved shapes.

The candle holders are made of steel, which gives them a timeless and sophisticated look.

Place candles in the stylish design and enjoy the interaction between the curved candle holder and the flickering flame.

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Curves candle holders are the epitome of elegance

The candle holders from the Curves series make eye-catching decorations, where it is the candle holders’ design in particular that draws the eye.

The gently curved sides that meet the clear edges and the shiny steel give Curves its own beautiful balance. We think it brings to mind two bodies flowing together in a beautiful symbiosis. What do you see?

Create a wonderful atmosphere with candles

The beautiful design really comes into its own with lit candles, and placed side by side, the Curves candle holders will emit a mesmerising aura.

The glow from the warm candlelight combined with the curved shapes create a mesmerising movement, drenching your interior in pure cosiness.

Give your home an elegant touch with the Curves candle holders, which will look beautiful on the coffee table, dining table, on the windowsill or on a bookshelf.

Materials: Stainless steel

Other materials: N/A

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