Big Lucky

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Big Lucky is the big version of our popular Lucky. He is just as cute and decorative as Lucky - just in a bigger, happier and even sweeter version. Big Lucky is 37.5 cm high and 22 cm long (when you include the tail).

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Big Lucky is a cat of big stature

Lucky is one of our most popular designs.

Her sweet and curious expression is hard to resist, and she adds life and personality to the room you put her in.

We have chosen to produce Lucky in a big design, and it’s something quite special to see Chresten Sommer’s design in this size.

Big Lucky appears even more lifelike and with its size, it is now even easier to study its fine lines and enjoy the good materials from which it is produced.

Big Lucky can be put everywhere

Just like Lucky, Big Lucky is made out of oak and maple. The whiskers are made of natural rubber and the eyes and snout are made of plastic.

You can put Big Lucky right where you want.

Do you want it to curiously watch you in the living room, ask guests in from the hallway or be a special guest in the children’s room?

Weight: 4600 g

Width: 20 cm

Length: 22 cm

Height: 42 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC maple, FSC beech

Big Lucky
Big Lucky

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