Ballet, table lamp

Designer: Poul Christiansen

Ballet table lamp is a beautiful and decorative lamp, inspired by the shapes of nature. The unique table lamp is reminiscent of the sea's giant jellyfish and gives out a beautiful, warm light. The Ballet table lamp is equipped with a dimmer and is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Poul Christiansen.

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The Ballet table lamp is inspired by nature

As with most of Poul Christiansen's designs, the Ballet table lamp is inspired by nature: Although reminiscent of jellyfish, the design is actually taken from the curve formed when a leaf of a semi-rigid material is held horizontally at one end and left to hang freely at the other. A curve is formed, created by nature. The curve inspired the designer to place multiple leaves in a circle to create a parabolic shape, just like the shape that forms when the free ends of the leaves hang from a single centre.

The Ballet table lamp doesn’t dominate

The table lamp's three thin legs give it a graceful and vulnerable appearance that doesn’t dominate its surroundings. And the three legs also prevent the table lamp from tilting, even if the surface is uneven. The table lamp shade is hung centrally in the stand above the LED light source, creating a beautiful angle of light from the shade - just like a long ballet tutu or the rounded shape of a jelly fish. The Ballet table lamp comes in a flat cardboard box to avoid damage during transport. All you have to do after unpacking is fit the shade and a single leg.

Weight: 870 g

Height: 47 cm

Diameter: 30 cm

Materials: Metal

Other materials: Oak, Polypropylene (PP), acrylic, textile, silicone

Ballet, table lamp
Ballet, table lamp

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