Ballet, pendant

Designer: Poul Christiansen

Ballet is a unique pendant lamp, designed by the award-winning Danish designer Poul Christiansen. The pendant is inspired by the ballet tutu, and the shape of the lamp forms when you hang it. The slats of the pendant create a beautiful spread of light.

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Ballet creates a stylish, calm atmosphere

Ballet is inspired by a ballet dancer’s tutu, which hangs in a beautiful curve from the waist down. But as is often the case with Poul Christiansen's designs, nature also plays a part: The design of the pendulum is taken from the beautiful parabolic-shaped curve that forms when a leaf is held horizontally at one end and left to hang freely at the other. Gravity and the stiffness of the material shape the leaf. A curved shape is formed, created by nature. The curve inspired the arrangement of leaves in a circle to create the parabolic shape.

Ballet is inspired by a ballet dancer’s long tutu

Because the Ballet shade comes as a flat rosette, you’ll see yourself how the shape emerges when you hang the shade up. And the way the light shines through the Ballet shade is also rather special: The light from the LED light source is sent downwards, but the lamp gets a truly unique look because much of the light seeps out between the slats, and the light fades on the lamp’s exterior. A detail that creates a stylish, calm atmosphere and a beautiful eye-catching lamp.

Weight: 700 g

Height: 28 cm

Diameter: 45 cm

Materials: Polypropylene

Other materials: Oak, metal, acrylic, textile, silicone

Ballet, pendant
Ballet, pendant

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