Designer: Chresten Sommer

Peanut is a cute baby squirrel who will add a decorative and warm touch to your home.

This adorable wooden figurine was designed by Chresten Sommer and is full of lifelike details.

The figure is made of FSC®-certified oak and maple.

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Get up close to the squirrel

It’s not often we get to see squirrels up close, although occasionally we might spot them leaping through the grass.

The squirrel usually lives high up in the treetops, where it jumps from tree to tree in search of nuts to munch on.

Now little Peanut is looking for a new home. Perhaps he can settle in your home on a bookcase, shelf or windowsill?

Go on an adventure

Besotted with squirrels? You’re not the only one. Many people love this completely unique animal, which manages to be both cute and elegant at the same time.

Peanut is designed with soft lines, which give the figurine an organic appearance. Standing on his hind legs, Peanut is always ready to go in search of nuts.

Peanut will manage fine on his own, but will also love the company of his mum, Hazel.

This product is made of FSC®-certified oak and maple. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 46 g

Width: 4 cm

Length: 7 cm

Height: 9 cm

Maintenance: Peanut is not a toy and is not to be used by children. It is a unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC Maple, plastic


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