The Snowman (small)




Mini Mr. Pepper

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Mini Mrs. Salt

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The Monkey Bowl


Still need to get him something for his advent calendar?

Then we hope our suggestions can help you.

Perhaps he would enjoy one of the fun and expressive Spring Emotions®? The small round wooden decorations with the flat bottom are inspired by the emojis that we send to each other every day.

But where the digital icons eventually disappear into our pile of chats and text messages, Spring Emotions® remain as a message the recipient can enjoy over and over again.

Is Cool the right one for him? Or do you want to give him a kiss that lasts, with Kiss?

There are many options in our large selection of Spring Emotions®. And if you can’t decide, then you can always give him No. 1-7 in the series as a complete set, one for each day.

If he is the sort of person always looking for his wallet or keys in the morning, the smart Diplo will help him keep track of loose items.

Diplo is a box created by the Greek-born architect Baki Katsinis. This is a slightly alternative box where the top and bottom are completely the same. It can therefore also be disassembled and used as small trays.

With Diplo in the hallway or kitchen, the man in your house will always have a place to put his things when he gets home.

Finally, you can gift him one of Chresten Sommer's cute animal figures. Here we would especially like to highlight one of the very latest designs from Chresten Sommer: Wally the walrus.

This beautiful figure in dark stained oak and maple tusks and is a fun decoration that the he can have standing at home or in the office.

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