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The Snowman






Mini Mr. Pepper

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Find the latest advent gifts for her

Astrology has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. The stars have always been used by us humans to find our way in the world - both physically and mentally.

Designer Benjamin Hansen was inspired by astrology to create his Zodiac series.

The Zodiac series consists of twelve wooden figures. each with the date, constellation and symbol of a star sign engraved. If your girlfriend, sister, mother or friend is interested in astrology, then she’ll love her very own figure.

If she needs something for the kitchen, then we would suggest you take a closer look at Double Up. Double Up is both the name of a carafe and the matching glasses that can be used as a lid for the carafe.

In this way, the recipient can store a carafe of water in the fridge without it absorbing the taste of the food - and it is easy to carry both the carafe and glass to the table if guests want something to drink.

Finally, we are delighted to introduce once of our new products this autumn: The Heart Bowl

This beautiful heart-shaped bowl in beech is designed by mencke&vagnby, and your girlfriend, sister, mother or friend can use it for their jewellery or other small items.

And when the lid is on, she has a beautiful decoration for her home that will remind her of your special bond.

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