The City Mouse


The Country Mouse


Bring the best of both worlds into your decor, or gift the cute mice to one of your loved ones. Perhaps you have a close friend who lives in the country or in the city? These adorable mice make the ideal gift. You won’t be able to resist this sweet pair. The small mouse ears and the fine, pointed snout give the two figurines a charming expression and are guaranteed to make your home feel extra cosy.

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse are inspired by the story of the two mice who visit each other, only to discover that home is the best place to be after all. The Country Mouse lives a quiet life in the countryside, where it spends its days in nature's beautiful surroundings. If you’re someone who prefers rural idyll, the Country Mouse will look great on a bookshelf or on the windowsill in your home.

The City Mouse, on the other hand, likes to live in the hustle and bustle of the big city, where it darts curiously through the city's narrow streets. Bring a bit of nature into your home and watch the City Mouse standing on it hind legs, poised to dash through the city’s bustling streets.

These adorable mice make the cutest decorations. Pick your favourite or let the pair of them move in under the same roof.

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