Big Heart Eyes

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Big Heart Eyes is all about life’s biggest emotions.

Are you in love or just full of nice, fuzzy feelings inside? Then this is the ideal gift for someone close to you.

Big Heart Eyes is designed by mencke&vagnby and made of FSC®-certified oak.

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Big Heart Eyes is a true greeting of love

Big Heart Eyes means a lot of things – it is entirely up to you what you want it to communicate.

The warm feelings in this figure from mencke&vagnby are not to be mistaken.

Spring Emotions® also comes in small sizes

Big Heart Eyes is due to its size a special addition to the Spring Emotions®-series.

Our Spring Emotions®-series contains many different versions of the beloves little icons, and there is most definitely one that communicates what you want to express.

Collaboration with Danish NGO

Spring Emotions® is a part of our collaboration with the Danish NGO Plant a Tree. This means that a part of our profit is donated to the purpose of planting trees in Denmark. 

This product is manufactured in FSC®-certified oak. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 650 g

Height: 11 cm

Diameter: 12 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: N/A

Big Heart Eyes
Big Heart Eyes

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