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Take a closer look at the exquisite dishes in the Colosseum series. Grounded Craftwork, who designed the series, has drawn inspiration from ancient Roman architecture. The Colosseum series serves both as a decorative arrangement on the living room table, and as fruit platters.

You’ll also find the whimsical and beautiful bowls from mencke&vagnby: The Frog Bowl and the Monkey Bowl. These lovely wooden bowls are tasteful portraits that capture the individual animal's expression with carefully chosen details. They’re also fun - a whimsical detail is that you can lift the top of their head and store treats in their interior.

Ceramics have been enjoying a renaissance in recent years. We have fallen in love with the works of the famous Danish ceramicist Eva Stæhr-Nielsen, and have relaunched a number of her famous designs so that they can continue to spread joy in people’s homes. Check out her stunning Spaltekande, which is available in two sizes. It can be used as a jug, vase or as a decoration in itself.

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