Apollo (black)

Designer: Tonn-P

Apollo is an elegant and minimalist candlestick designed by Tonn-P in the 1960s.

The design is a beautiful reflection of Tonn-P's penchant for slim, simple design.

Place the beautiful candlestick on your windowsill, on the table or on a shelf and enjoy its clean lines.

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Apollo has landed

Apollo was designed by Tonn-P in the 1960s, but with its simple, clean design, it goes equally well with a modern interior. It is one of the reasons why we have worked with Tonn-P's family to relaunch Apollo, allowing this beautiful design to be part of modern day living too.

The candlestick's slim and upward-sweeping design has an almost futuristic look about, and is what inspired us to name it Apollo. It’s not only a tribute to the belief in progress that dominated the 1960s but also to the god of light in ancient mythology.

Light up the dark evenings with candles

Do you also love lighting candles when it gets dark?

Candlelight helps create a calm and intimate mood that makes you instantly relax. Apollo has space for extra candles when you want to create a cosy atmosphere at home. And you also get a beautiful candlestick that is nice to look at.

The candlestick's design perfectly reflects Tonn-P's love of elegant and light design: Although Apollo stands securely on its three legs, it looks almost as though it is about to float away.

A functional and beautiful design for your interior.

Weight: 1015 g

Width: 11 cm

Length: 12 cm

Height: 32 cm

Maintenance: Clean Apollo with a dry, soft cloth. The use of cleaning agents and abrasives can cause permanent damage to the product.

Materials: Stainless steel

Other materials: N/A

Apollo (black)
Apollo (black)

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