The Royal Guard


The Salt Egg


Svungen Top


Viva (large)


Viva (small)








Satellite Mirror, Ø16


Satellite Mirror, Ø24


Spring Snowball, Ø11


Svungen Top (light blue)


Svungen Top (small)


The City Mouse


The Country Mouse


The Cygnet, white


Baby Seal

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Our best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents

If you’re lucky, there’s always something sweet on offer when you visit your grandparents.

And with the whimsical and decorative bowls from the design duo mencke&vagnby, they’ll have somewhere fun to hide their treats - and for you and your children to find them.

The two designers have made the Monkey Bowl and the Frog Bowl according to the same inventive idea: Lift the top of the head and you’ll find a compartment where your grandparents can store exactly what they want. Put the lid back on and your grandparents will have a decorative sculpture with an animal motif.

Then just hope they fill it with sweets and wrapped chocolates that you can grab next time you visit.

If your grandparents like to decorate their home with cute and beautiful wooden figures, then we have a large selection of other figures, designed by the talented Chresten Sommer, which are worth a closer look.

His dog Happy and cat Lucky have quickly become two of our absolute bestsellers, and they have now also got their own family, which your grandparents can collect.

And this year, we have launched four brand new designs by Chresten Sommers: the kitten Faith, the koalas Matilda and Joey and Wally the walrus. So there’s plenty to look at and we’re certain you’ll find something to suit your grandparents’ tastes.

If your grandparents are fond of ceramics, then they will probably appreciate having one of Eva Stæhr-Nielsen's relaunched works as a Christmas present.

We have recreated a number of this famous ceramicist's works, so that more homes can enjoy her exquisite ceramics.

One of the designs we have recreated is the Teapot. If your grandparents enjoy starting or ending the day with a cup of tea, then this beautiful ceramic teapot with a woven bamboo handle makes a great gift.

You’ll also find the matching Cup on this page.

If your grandparents need an extra vase for flower bouquets, then we would suggest you take a closer look at the Sweeping Top vase. The spherical bottom of the vase is beautifully rounded by the curved top that the design is named after.

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