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Give your childminder a lovely Danish design for Christmas

Christmas is a cosy time for both children and adults, and your child's childminder will no doubt decorate their home or nursery for Christmas.

And if you collect Christmas decorations, you can never have enough. So why not give your childminder a lovely Christmas decoration, such

as one of the fun tumbler figures from Thor Høy? He has designed two special figures for the Christmas season: The Snowman and the Christmas Tree.

This simple Christmas decoration is made of beech and walnut and has a cute expression that is perfect for Christmas. Their round base allows them to tilt in different directions. The series also includes the Duckling and the Stork, which are particularly suitable for decorating a childminder’s home or nursery.

Or why not give your childminder one of the fun and expressive Spring Emotions®?

Spring Emotions® is a series of round wooden decorations, each decorated with the emojis we all know from our mobile text messages. These little icons bring a little extra cheer to your day and are bound to make your childminder smile.

There are many different versions to choose from.

Or your childminder might appreciate a beautiful bowl, The Heart Bowl by mencke&vagnby.

This fine design is shaped like a heart in beech. It consists of two halves, and when you lift the upper part, you will find a compartment ideal for storing jewellery or small wrapped treats.

A lovely gift that your childminder is sure to love.

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