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The Rocking Horse (small)


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The Heart Bowl


Svungen Top


Delight your friend with Danish design

In Spring Copenhagen, we want to contribute to the proud Danish design tradition.

We do this by breathing new life into forgotten classics and by collaborating with contemporary designers to create interiors that are simple, beautiful and often also functional.

One of the classics we have revived is Spaltekanden by the Danish ceramicist Eva Stæhr-Nielsen.

This jug is a design that deserves a place in every home. The shape is so elegant with the round body, which curves naturally into a lip at the top. The lip curves into the spout and the handle. A complete and uninterrupted design in a simple white glaze.

Another Danish designer whose works we have recreated is Tonn-P. He is particularly known for the Pepper Bird, which is one of our best known and beloved products, but here is one of his other designs: Caravel.

Caravel is a candlestick that is available in both pure oak and walnut. The candlestick design was inspired by the caravel, a type of medieval ship, and the result is a light and elegant design.

A contemporary designer we work closely with is Chresten Sommer. Chresten is known for his many beautiful wooden figures,

such as his two bestsellers, Happy the dog and Lucky the cat. These two charming figures are a tribute to most people’s two favourite pets.

And if your friend already has one of the two, then she can expand her collection with one of the puppies or kittens, also available on this site.

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