Spring Emotions® Bundle


Happy, Coco & Woody


Matilda & Joey


Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin


Flora & Wilma


Hanging Happy & Hanging Lucky


Seal & Baby Seal


Slowy & Speedy


Happy & Lucky


Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt


Spot & Spirit


Frost & Snow


The classics that started our adventure

It all began with two classics: Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin These two are relaunches of Tonn-P's and J. I. Christoffersen's wonderful salt and pepper grinders. We thought they fitted perfectly together, so we made them into a set. The two birds brighten up the dining table and give you lightly ground salt and pepper.

We are also known for our wooden figures, which are purely for decoration. Our absolute bestsellers include Happy the dog & Lucky the cat. Not only are they the best of friends, they each have their own family of cute puppies and kittens.

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