The Pepper Bird


The Salt Penguin


Baby Seal

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Once upon a time there was a Pepper Bird. An iconic pepper grinder, which marked the start of a wonderful fairytale. Spring Copenhagen was born in 2015, and today the decorative pepper mill is no longer alone. The Pepper Bird has been joined by many other cute animals and decorations for the rest of the home.

Since our foundation, we have expanded our range with a large number of animal families, decorations and lamps for the many rooms in the home. Each design is crafted with a love of classic design and with a promise to inspire a better everyday life. We strive to create timeless designs that can be passed down from generation to generation.

For our birthday in 2022, we have chosen to treat our customers to celebratory prices on selected bestsellers.

Here are the two figurines that started our story: Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin. These two classic grinders that not only grind salt and pepper on your food, but also make great figurines to look at on the table.

Our Happy and Lucky figurines are also joining in the birthday celebrations. Although they are a dog and cat, they are best buddies and some of our most loved products.

Finally, our two seals, Female Seal and Baby Seal, are also coming to the birthday party. These two cute seals are a cosy tribute to wildlife and to the bond between a mother and her child.

We hope that you will find a design for you or for someone you love when we celebrate our birthday here on the site.

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