Designer: Chresten Sommer

Hope is full of mischief. You’ll soon fall for this pretty little kitten, who is always looking around with inquisitive eyes. Hope is designed by Chresten Sommer and is made of oak and maple.

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Hope moves in

Hope is Lucky’s little kitten and completely its own.

She loves to play and is always ready to jump on the next adventure. Even if she has to invent one herself.

She can tease her mom once in a while when she’s bored, but she’s still incredibly sweet and very loving.

With Hope, you have a little friend that is always happy and spreads a good mood from her spot in the home.

Hope is bulls-eye design from Chresten Sommer

It is almost like a real kitten.

Once again Chresten Sommer has kit bulls-eye with his portrait of a little kitten. With his sense of quality craftsmanship, he has created a lifelike little cat.

Hope is a good fit along with her mom Lucky and her brother Faith but is also easily a stand-alone.

A sweet little wooden cat that adds a cheerful good mood to the interior design.

Weight: 63 g

Width: 5 cm

Length: 10 cm

Height: 6 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC Maple, plastic


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