The Guardsman: The new Danish Christmas classic

The Guardsman with a nutcracker placed in his front comes from an undivided love for nuts, forms and colours.

Designer Benjamin Hansen loves nuts and eat them all year round and he often finds inspiration for his designs through re-interpretations of known structures and forms.
The Guardsman’s colour blocks, square sharpness and almost fairy-tale-like status melts together with the desire to create a nutcracker that is not only a nutcracker.

Humour, colours and style

The sensational uniform adds notes of both humour and style.

From the oversized bearskin hat and the sharp-red coat to the blue pants and the shiny boots. The Guardsman is both a rooted Danish symbol and a sensational icon.
The response to The Guardsman has been smiles over the quirky aspect of melting a classic guardsman with a nutcracker functionality as well as admiring glances at the minimalistic and eye-catching colours. 

The Guardsman is a complete classic

With its minimalistic look, the nutcracker easily blends in with the interior or it can proudly stand alone.
The mechanism of the nutcracker has the same structure as a corkscrew and it gently cracks all sorts of nuts without any shells and bits and pieces everywhere.

Benjamin Hansen himself uses his Guardsman in every month of the year, men the nutcracker has become a Christmas classic.

The Guardsman’s functional and aesthetic characteristics makes it a perfect gift: The complete classic. 

Minimalistic and practical design for everyday use

The nuts are crushed by turning The Guardsman’s head and this without using any force.

This way The Guardsman takes care of the elder that may not have the same strength in their hands as they used to and the youngest ones that want to participate during Christmas. 

It’s minimalistic and practical design with a focus on everyday life.

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