Spring Copenhagen wins investment worth millions 

On Monday evening, the founders and owners of Spring Copenhagen, Claus Nielsen and Peter Sørensen, were named Denmark’s best entrepreneurs. The award brings with it an investment of DKK 6 million from Seier Capital, which will boost exports and ready the company to enter the designer lamp market.

On Monday evening, the design company Spring Copenhagen received an enormous boost to its ambitions.

On the televised series final of the national entrepreneur competition, Vejen til Seier, Spring Copenhagen accepted Lars Seier’s offer to become an equal partner. The owners, Claus Nielsen and Peter Sørensen, were crowned Denmark’s best entrepreneurs and the company won an investment worth DKK 6 million.

Ambitious goals
The company’s two partners will have little time to rest on their laurels. The capital injection provides an earlier than expected opportunity to grab a share of the market and the impending partnership with Lars Seier has already given birth to ambitious goals.

“It’s fantastic to win Vejen til Seier. We won the title competing against 700 talented Danish entrepreneurs and we’ve gained a huge asset in the form of Lars Seier on board in our company. Lars Seier is one of Denmark's most successful investors. It’s an enormous stamp of approval that he believes in us and in Spring Copenhagen. And the extra capital means we can seriously enter into competition in our neighbouring markets in Scandinavia and Northern Europe,” says Peter Sørensen.

Entering the designer lamp market
For Claus Nielsen and Peter Sørensen, the investment means they can seriously accelerate efforts in the company. The millions will, in addition to increasing exports, also facilitate product development, and extra energy has been focused on lamp development.

“Lighting is such an important element in the home, it can influence your mood and well-being in a positive way. Beautiful, well thought out design achieves something similar. Since we started out our wish has been to offer powerful and inspiring design in the area of lighting. In fact, we’ve been working with our designers on a series of ideas for more than a year and now we can really accelerate development. We expect to launch the first designs in the autumn,” says Claus Nielsen, who is responsible for Spring Copenhagen’s product development.

Investment is crucial for growth
Since its founding in 2015, Spring Copenhagen has doubled its revenues year on year. In record time, they have become an established name in the Danish design branch with functional designs in wood, ceramics and metal. With this investment, the company’s development will be speeded even more.

“Claus and Peter's sales figures speak for themselves and they have generated impressive growth. Now I will join as an equal partner and inject capital so that they can create something really big in the world of Danish design. I foresee the creation of a resounding entrepreneurial success,” says Lars Seier.

Spring Copenhagen’s first lamps will hit the market in the autumn of 2019. At the same time, Spring Copenhagen will strengthen the international distribution of their current designs and concepts; at the start of 2019, the company established a series of new distributors and agents across most of the EU to facilitate growth even more. From having the iconic Pepper Bird as its sole product offering in 2015, Spring Copenhagen now has over 70 products in its portfolio of interior design and accessories for kitchen, living room and bedroom.

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