Leaves: A small cutting board with a great mission

To designer Mette Geisler nature is magic. This is why she has designed a series of cutting boards that reminds us to take care of nature and remain connected to it. The series is called Leaves and is designed for Spring Copenhagen.

At Metter Geisler’s office you can hear the birds sing. You can feel a soft breeze and enjoy the green grass. And it’s a high-ceilinged office. Like really, really high-ceilinged. Because, you see, Mette Geisler’s office is situated on her terrace if the weather permits. In her opinion, nature has a certain something.

” Nature gives me an inner peace, clears my head and distracts me in a positive way.”

Mette Geisler graduated as a graphic designer and is the founder of a series of companies, Punk Royal and I love CPH, amongst others. Today she has put her companies behind her, focusing on nature and the many positive effects it has on her life and job.

Brings nature into our homes

Mette Geisler has designed four cutting boards for Spring Copenhagen. Together they are called Leaves. The inspiration for the leaf-shaped cutting boards comes exactly from her relationship to nature.

“I want to bring nature closer to people and into their homes, so we are reminded that we are a part of it, and that it is a part of us. Nature is much stronger than people and we can’t control it. Instead we need to learn to embrace it and treat it with respect. It is important for our well-being as human beings to have a connection with earth. Nature is magical”, says Mette Geisler.

” It’s not until we have a connection to earth that we get connected to ourselves.”

Inspired by an heirloom 

Mette Geisler finds leaves aesthetic and with beautiful shapes. But it wasn’t until one day when she was looking at a cutting board, she had inherited from her grandmother, that she saw the connection between leaves and a cutting board. 

Because suddenly it didn’t look like an ordinary oval cutting board. It looked like a leaf of a birch. And this is how Leaves saw the light. Shaped after leaves from Danish forests. Because, as Mette Geisler says: “Nature is perfect”.

Beauty in nature

Mette defines herself as a climate activist. Sometimes she’s anxious about the future, but it helps her to do something actively in order to change it for the better and more sustainable such as, for instance, making cutting boards in wood instead of plastic that takes several hundreds of years to decompose. And making cutting boards that bring nature closer to us and reminds us to take care of it, its magic and our connection to it.

“My mission is for my design to have both function and purpose. I want to make people aware how important it is to strive towards a lifestyle that is even more symbiotic with nature, treating with respect what we come from.”

Leaves is not just a cutting board. It is a friendly, well-sharpened and aesthetic reminder of our origin and our responsibility of taking care of where we come from.

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