The Snowman & The Christmas Tree

Designer: Thor Høy

The Snowman & The Christmas Tree are two beautiful wooden figures for the Christmas season. Their design is simple, but with well-chosen details that give the figures their very own unique appearance. The Snowman & The Christmas Tree are designed by Thor Høy and handmade in beech and walnut.

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Magical Christmas decorations for your home

The Snowman & The Christmas Tree - sounds almost like a fairy tale. And there’s something magical about these cute and distinctive characters created by Thor Høy. They remind us of happy times spent outdoors in December, when the bracing air blushes our cheeks pink and everything seems so new and fresh. And whenever you see these two figures, you can almost smell the pine needles from the Christmas tree and hear the squeak of the snow being rolled into a snowman. So if there’s not enough snow for a snowman this year and not enough space for a large Christmas tree, then these lovely figures from Thor Høj are ideal for bringing some cosy winter spirit into your home. Simple designs with a fun detailThe Snowman & The Christmas Tree have a simple design, where the combination of the beech and walnut wood really brings them to life. Combined with the well-chosen details, these Christmas decorations are both discreet and full of personality - and are guaranteed to have a recurring place in your home in the month of December. And they both hide a fun detail: A rounded foot. This means you can move and tilt The Snowman & The Christmas Tree in different directions, making them extra fun to have around, both for children and adults.

The Snowman & The Christmas Tree
The Snowman & The Christmas Tree

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