Matilda & Joey

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Matilda and Joey are our two beautiful koala figures. The koalas are designed by our all-time animal creative Chresten Sommer.

If you buy Matilda and Joey as a complete set, you will automatically be entered into the competition to adopt a real female koala and her babies.

Read more about the competition here

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A cute pair of animals from the southern hemisphere

Koalas only live in Australia. Here they enjoy life up in the eucalyptus trees, where they hide among the leaves.

Chresten Sommer created his own interpretation of these delightful furry creatures, so they can now have a place in your home.

Find a special place for these cute figures and enjoy the lovely design every day.

A loving tribute to the bond between a mother and her child.

An exotic animal set from Chresten Sommer

Chresten Sommer can shape the most incredible things out of wood.

He is highly skilled at turning a piece of wood into a lifelike animal with just a few lifelike details.

The two koalas, Matilda and Joey, are no exception. With their cute expressions, they look just like real koalas.

These lovely figures are made of oak and ash, and the head, arms and ears can be moved on both of them.

A Dannebrog flag is also included for Matilda, so she can help celebrate special occasions in the household.

Matilda & Joey
Matilda & Joey

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