Designer: Chresten Sommer

Lotus is a delightful panda figurine that will bring life and joy to your home.

The world-famous bear really comes into his own in this beautiful design, where carefully selected details give him plenty of personality.

Put this charming figurine in a corner of your home. He’s a real eye-catcher who will add plenty of personality and a cosy feel to your decor.

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Lotus symbolises friendship and harmony

The panda is a dear friend, symbolising peace, tranquility and friendship. He can’t help but bring a sense of harmony to your decor.

The figurine’s significant size begs for closer inspection, and every time you see him in your day, he is bound to make you smile.

Put him in your hallway, ready to greet you with open arms when you come home after a long day. A true spreader of joy in everyday life. A lifelike design

The panda figurine is full of lifelike details, and you can almost feel the bear's calm nature radiating from the wood.

The decorative figurine is crafted in a timeless design, and just like a real panda, comes with black patches around his eyes, small black ears and a cute round snout.

The figurine is designed by our animal magician Chresten Sommer and is made of FSC®-certified maple and ash. Explore all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 883 g

Width: 15 cm

Length: 16 cm

Height: 25 cm

Maintenance: Lotus is not a toy and is not to be used by children. It is a unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Materials: FSC Maple

Other materials: FSC thermo ash, plastic


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