Happy, Coco & Woody

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Happy, Woody and Coco are three wonderful dogs for your home. These lovely wooden characters are designed by Chresten Sommer, and made of oak, walnut and ash. Organic cow’s leather is used for the tongues. Happy, Woody and Coco are modern Nordic interior decorations of the highest quality - they’re also really cute.

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Happy, Woody and Coco are a lovely bunch

Can you keep track of three dogs? If you need a little help, here it is. Happy is the big dog. Happy always looks just like his name, and his cheerful and alert facial features are bound to make you smile. Coco is Happy's firstborn puppy and an adorable little friend. She is a comfortable size who enjoys lounging around and enjoying herself in a cosy corner where she can keep an eye on everything that’s going on. Woody is the youngest in the pack and is the spitting image of her dad. He’s a real charmer who is always ready for an adventure. A cute little puppy who will keep your spirits high. Together they make a lovely pack of dogs for your home.

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