The Water Lily, black

Designer: Charlotte Høncke

The Water Lily is a simple and stylish candle holder that will look beautiful on a windowsill or shelf in your home.

The candle holder encourages you to get creative: The candle holder has a recess that you can decorate exactly as you wish.

The Water Lily is made of powder-coated aluminium and comes in a choice of colours.

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The Water Lily makes a room extra cosy

The Water Lily’s simple design is a beautiful expression of timeless minimalism that will fit into any home. Make a room extra cosy with this simple design.

The beautiful lines and the curved bottom encapsulate some of the very same features that we know from nature's water lily.

You can almost imagine the candle holder floating elegantly on the water, just like the elegant water lily we see floating on lakes and ponds.

Add a personal touch to the home

The base of the candle holder looks like a small bowl, which you can decorate as you wish.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired by the name of the design and fill the bowl with water and some pretty flowers? The options are endless.

Add your unique touch to the candle holder and watch the beautiful design light up with candles when darkness falls in your home.

Weight: 386 g

Height: 8 cm

Diameter: 15 cm

Maintenance: Clean this powder-coated stainless steel product with a dry, soft cloth. The use of cleaning agents and abrasives can cause permanent damage to the product.

Materials: Stainless steel

Other materials: N/A

The Water Lily, black
The Water Lily, black

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