Designer: mencke&vagnby

Snowflower is a beautiful and unique pendant. You assemble it yourself in about 20 minutes – a pendant that gives you a sense of adventure at home. Snowflower is designed by mencke&vagnby.

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Snowflower adds adventure to your home

A snowflake is one of the most beautiful structures nature has to offer. When you study it up close it is almost like a piece of magic.

This beautiful Snowflower pendant floats like a delicate, oversized snowflake – something from an adventure that you try to capture.

The lamp gives a magic sense of snow, softly descending from a cold, blue winter sky.

Snowflower is a flat-pack-pendant that takes you only just about 20 minutes to assemble.

Snowflower is inspired by nature

The design duo mencke&vagnby are inspired by nature’s ability to copy a single element creating an elegant form out of the whole.

Here they have copied the white plastic leaf creating a nice pendant that reflects the light from the light bulb and adding a comfortable and soft light at home.

Snowflower is a re-launch of an older design. In this new design, the leaves keep their shape better so you get a lamp that maintains its expression over time.

Weight: 1600 g

Height: 42 cm

Diameter: 60 cm

Maintenance: Clean with a soft dry cloth only. Requires connecting the lamp to a ceiling outlet – we recommend using an electrician when you install Snowflower. Always switch off the electricity before cleaning.

Materials: Polypropylene

Other materials: Polyprpylene Blades (120Pcs) Polycarbonate (30Pcs) Polybutylene Terephthalate (2Pcs)


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