Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin

Designer: Tonn-P & J.I. Christoffersen

Pepper Bird and Salt Penguin are two of Spring Copenhagen’s very first products. Pepper Bird is considered by many to be a distinctive design icon with the Salt Penguin being the obvious companion with its special design. Both products are equipped with a ceramic grinder, so you can use them for any spices you want.

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Pepper Bird and Salt Penguin are both functional and decorative

Pepper Bird is a Danish, registered quality pepper grinder in mahogany, ash, maple and walnut. It was created by the self-taught Danish designer Sven-Erik Tonn-Petersen (Tonn-P) in the late 1950s. Pepper Bird was first put into production in the late 1950s, and quickly became a favourite Danish household item. Pepper Bird brings life to the dinner table, is fun, decorative and children love him. Salt Penguin was developed by J. I. Christoffersen as a counterpart to the Pepper Bird. Salt Penguin is a Danish, registered salt grinder in walnut and maple. Salt Penguin is a classic and stylish feature in most Danish homes. Especially if there is already a Nordic design it can play with. It is a unique example of how passion for craftsmanship plays together with practical application and beautiful design. The grinder is applied art. And it works both as a kitchen utensil and as a decorative sculpture in the other rooms of the home too.

Pepper Bird and Salt Penguin are household icons

Pepper Bird and the Salt Penguin go together well, and the two design icons have been almost inseparable since the late 1950s. Pepper Bird and Salt Penguin are popular everyday household icons that bring life and joy to the dinner table. The set is an ideal wedding gift or birthday gift for a couple with a taste for design icons and Danish design.
Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin
Pepper Bird & Salt Penguin

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